Conrad Food

A seamless digital experience food ordering for student




Lead Designer

Project Overview

A seamless digital experience for food

Conrad food was created for true foodies, those who love to try new restaurants and keep a close eye on their favourite food. It curates and streamlines the list of top meals from favourite restaurant with no hassle to pay online or on delivery


Students are frustrated with not finding products they can use to find their food preferences (plus varieties) from restaurants nearby because of lack of time due to juggling lectures plus reading for hours, all that is quite difficult.


UX research
UI & Interaction design
Brand identity


Gaining insight

The goal of the research was to gather crucial insights about the food ordering market  and to understand the perspective of the users and customers. I explored the topic with user surveys, which led to formulate a set of features and build userflow


Saving Time - Searching and ordering process of food be quick and seamless


Convenience - Intuitive journey from start to finish with easy steps


Flexibility - Swift access to variety of foods


User Empowerment - To deliver best possible user experience while addressing common problems and needs

User Persona

A persona was built on insights gathered during research to help drive decision making and keep the product focused on solving users pain points, frustrations, and goals.

User Flow

The primary user flow is the process of searching for favourite food, adding to cart and special offers


With all the data gathered, I came up with some wireframes for the design


Seamless & Simplicity


This was one of my very first project as a Product designer, I'm proud of the learning phase throughout this project.

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