Hotel Management

HMS is a management platform that helps front desk staffs simplify, streamline, automate the process of guests checking in and out of hotels.




Lead Designer

Project Overview

Automates the process of attending to guest needs

I was brought on to help design HMS product interface and develop a design system that would be adaptable, expandable and flexible as the platform grows and evolves.


Front desk had to do a lot of manual work when checking in and checking out guests. The efficiency of the whole process was lacking for user/frontdesk staff and customers/guests


UI & Interaction design
Brand identity
System design


Connecting the Dots

In order to help understand how this product fits into the day to day workflow of the target audience, I conducted comperative analysis on similar products to gain a general understanding of the market and to understand how services are being run. The main aim was to understand and connect user goals and business goals.


Improve the experience of the front desk so as to eliminate queue & waiting time


Simplify booking procedures, maximize housekeeping efficiency, and indepth analytics to identify workload bottlenecks


Additionally, designing the look and for providing a better navigation to improve UX.

User Empowerment - To deliver best possible userexperience while addressing common problems and needs


My first task was to give a new and simple look for HMS logotype and corporate identity

Information Achitecture

The primary user flow is to improve the UX. This was possible by creating an information architecture and building a seamless workflow

Components Library

Similar component layouts that repeat throughout the dashboards, purposeful use of color that fits the brand, typographic hierarchy and contrast make important information easily glanced through

Final Dashboard

Designing for efficiency

The approach was to create an experience easy to operate to carter for the needs of the guests and structure all information on the software in way that is easily and readily accessible

Login Page

Accessed by the frontdesk user, the screen provides form to fill with personal work email and password required to login. Reset Password option avaliable in case a staff forget password

Home Dashboard

Accessed by the frontdesk user, the overview provides a summary of new arrivals, occupancy, departures, vacancy plus room status


Filled with specific information about each guests information while checking-in and out of the hotel, also each rooms info are listed for the frontdesk to be able to meet the needs of the guest and make their stay memorable

Guest Booking & Analytics

The process of booking a guest is very easy and simple for the guest staff to go through while also acheiving the goals to eliminate queue.

Also the analytics screen shows the overview of important data to make decisions, to know the performance level and guest ratings of services rendered


Learning is always part of a designer’s life, I learned a lot on this project and one of the major obstacles that I faced when starting out was limited resources or information, but I was able to overcome it by going back to the drawing board and interacting with people in the business and that gave me a new perceptive on the task

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