Pet Lover

A digital experience to enable users to choose from selected list of events, costumes, places (restaurants, churches, venues), items, products, food and pets to adopt.

NB: I'm not at liberty to share some documents and design screens




Lead Designer

Project Overview

Changing the way users care for their pets by organizing/
attending events

The client approached us at Inovatyv lab to create a digital experience for how users (Pet lovers) care for their pets. They also wanted to elevate the identity and strengthen the brand’s connection to customers


As part of a larger community, pet lovers find it hard to organize events (birthday, burial, costume parties), getting products (food), venues or on-demand professional pet services


UI design
UX research
Identity, Brand design
Client communication/workshop
Developer handoff

Research & Planning

Gaining insight

Initial research was conducted on similar products in the asia region to gain insight as to what type of structure, layout, and functionality is typical to that part of the world. We also had a workshop with the client to understand what worked and what didn’t in order to design a better experience.

Competitive Analysis/Market research

We identified key elements and gaps where we could improve upon the design and functionality of a pet app. According to research the South East Asian pet industry is expected to reach the $1.4 billion (€1.2 billion) mark by 2020, with a healthy annual growth rate of around 7%

As China’s middle class blooms, the average age of pet owners now squarely overlaps with the country’s tech-savvy youth demographic. A survey on pet owner demographics shows that 74% of urban pet owners are now less than 35 years old.

Information Architecture

Based on the market and competitor research, I was able to map out the flow of the application to allow the users have the best experience when interacting with the product.


Designed high-fidelity wireframe to show to the client for approval based on all the features, the targeted users, the business goals and the market research that was done


In today’s society, brand connection is important. For the best possible experience for the users, I combined a friendly and feminine colours with a frictionless path to performing important tasks and shopping journey. It is with this blend throughout the application that i defined pet lover's digital experience. Users can now explore the product offerings, while experiencing its culture and personality on every page.

Design Concept

Design Style 1 - The idea of using  live pictures, pop of bright colours for the action (Interaction) buttons and 2D icons for the categories is to create an app design that is well-designed but aesthetically “fun” it’s also to entice the audience in terms of females age (20-45) who owns pet. Additionally, it caters for accesibility (visibility of text on different background on the screen)
. The live pictures is used to show emotional connection (because for people that owns pet are emotionally connected with their pets)

Design Style 2 - The idea of using these live pictures, blend of colours (gradient) for the action (Interaction) buttons and 2D icons for the categories is to create an app design that is modern but aesthetically “fun” and keeping up to date with latest design trend in terms of the mesh gradient background while also catering for accessibility on the page (visibility of text on different background on the screen)

The client decided to go for the first design

Style Guide

Re-useable component

Pet Lover design components aims to make complex information/content easily glanced at and beautiful. This is achieved through the research and the design workshop that was done. Also, the use of elegant typeface for readability and color palette that reflect sophisticated personality.

Final Design


I designed a streamlined and intuitive digital experience making it future-proof and to attract users (Females in particular) that are tech-savvy. First, I gathered inspiring examples. I gave special attention to Asia's design and e-commerce concepts. These guided me to design wire-frames and high-fidelity designs to test my learnings

Onbaoarding flow

Users can sign up/sign in with their informations, they get to fill a form to personalize their experience based on the kind of pets they own.

Event Page

Here users have access to categories based on their wants, be it popular events, birthdays, funerals, venues or in need of different services. They also get to see detailed information on any of the above mentioned.

Adoption Page

The adoption page serves as added feature for users that are looking to have more pets, or to create a new home for lost pets. All imprtant information are highlighted for a user to make a choice on which pet to adopt.

Forum Page

The forum page give access to users to create a sense of community with other pet owners and to share information, ask questions and follow on topic interests.

Mall Page

This page give users the access to different range of foods, product and medicine for their pets.

Consult Page

Here users/pet owners are consult with medical practitioners by finding a clinic near them, asking online doctors, seeing a doctor or offline outpatient appointment.

Checkout Process Page

Users can go through the easy experience on checking out on things added to their cart and pay with different payment options avaliable in the region.


This project brought to light how important it is to design for not only functionality, but feeling. It's moments like these that remind me why I continue to do what I'm doing. Plus the client loved the designs and all screens were approved on first presentation. Next step is developement

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