So-Col is a web3 platform to serves as a bridge between creators and their fans, also between web3 and web2




Designer (Part of a team)

Project Overview

Bridging the gap

I was brought on and was part of the early team of designers to work with both the Marketing and Product team on the website design


So-col company is a startup in the web3 space. There was no marketing website interface to communicate the importance of the company and product to it's target audience and to show their values in simple, creative, and easily understandable way


Art direction
UI & Interaction design
Responsive design


Gaining insight

To align all member of the team, we started the project with collaborative workshops with the stakeholders. Based on the results of the workshop, our team drafted out the most important features and the information architecture of the website to show the values, goals, progress of the company, what we are looking to solve and have creators onboarded on the platform

Information/Comperative Analysis

We also studied how other websites approached designing for web3 that impacted our ability to understand the information being presented. We identified key elements where we could improve upon the design and content of a web3 style website that speaks to our users/creators/fans

Site Maps

We simplified the site's structure by mapping out important information onto different pages and named menu items to make the navigation more intuitive.


Simplifying complexity

The approach was to create an experience easy to understand in terms of our goals, brand and to structure all information on the website in way that resonates with our users

Marketing materials

Some marketing materials were used to help iterate our points to our users and why our project was for them in the first place

Animated and static elements

Elements were designed and animated to visually represent what we wish to accomplish with our users/creators and fans

Dark and Light mode

We designed both light and dark mode with accessibility in mind


Shoutout to the team for digging deep on this one. We had to make a few iterations of design and changes to the content as well, but in the end we were able to create this wonderful design that represents what the company aim to do in the web3 space.

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